Aura Smart Strap, the bracelet that wants to make your Apple Watch even smarter

The Apple Watch is a very capable connected watch, especially now that it has ECG functionality. Other accessories may give him additional powers.

The Apple Watch is good at determining certain aspects of your health, such as your heart rate, calories burned, steps taken, distance traveled, etc. If you are looking for something further, you may be interested in Aura Smart Strap, a bracelet to further enhance your Apple Watch experience.

Aura Smart Strap, a bracelet for the Apple Watch

For those who do not know, Aura had launched last year on Kickstarter Aura Band. Today, the company unveils at CES the Smart Strap. This is a bracelet designed for the Apple Watch. It incorporates electrodes that, when you touch and hold the contact for five seconds, provide other data, such as weight, fat, muscle mass and even the percentage of water in your body ( to get an idea of ​​your hydration).

to obtain additional data on your health

Unfortunately, the Aura Smart Strap is not really the most fashionable wristband available for the Apple Watch, but if you're interested in this kind of information and would like to follow your health more closely, then it may be to be made for you.

While waiting for the first tests, it is difficult to know how reliable the data obtained by this bracelet are. The Aura Smart Strap is scheduled for the second quarter 2019. It will be marketed at 89 $.

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