Sex Education: Why do teens have to watch this new series on Netflix?

The Netflix platform has released a brand new series: "Sex Education". The British series may find its small success with teenagers!

For several days, Netflix has made available a British series for teenagers: fri Education. The series speaks uncomplicatedly about teen sex. Attention, the article contains spoilers!

Sex Education: A new British series that will interest all young people!

This Friday, January 11, a British series called "Sex Education" has arrived on Netflix. Let it be said, this series is not for everyone because it is recommended to subscribers over 16 years. The platform seems to have wanted to offer teens a series that talks about sex in all lightness and with humor!

It always seems complicated to talk about sex when you have 16. So, why not look fri Education on Netflix? In this series, we follow the story of Otis (Asa Butterfield), a teenager of 16 years, virgin whose mother is a sex therapist. Sex, Otis hears about it every day from his mother and that's a subject he knows well about theory. So, one day, Maeve, a rebellious teenager will offer to open a secret sex therapy clinic in high school!

Sex Education: A series that speaks without shame of sexuality!

Otis and Maeve will have as their goal to help teens to answer their problems related to sexuality. Then, it will allow them at the same time to make some pocket money! fri Education responds to erection problems, fear of first sexual intercourse. She also talks about female anatomy, the disgust of fellatio and other very intimate things!

Nevertheless, all these topics are approached with a lot of lightness and humor. Teenagers will feel completely uninhibited watching the episodes! In addition to that, the series also talks about homosexuality and everything is on an equal footing. fri Education has decided not to make heterosexuality a "normality", and it feels good! The British series decided to break the taboos on sexuality and decided to talk about this area without doing something shameful!

fri Education is currently available on the Netflix platform.