Netflix cancels filming in North Carolina because of controversial law

Netflix takes a position on the issue of LGBTQ rights and takes a radical decision. Indeed, the streaming platform has just announced that it will not run OBXone of his future series in preparation, in North Carolina in the United States, while shooting was originally planned in this state.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, the reason for this change is the existence of a law requiring transgender people to use the toilet corresponding to the type on their birth certificate. Netflix would also have other justifications (unknown at this time) as to this choice, but this law would be what triggered the cancellation of the filming of OBX in North Carolina.

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OBX will tell the story of a group of four teenage boys trying to survive, shortly after a hurricane cut off any source of energy and communication in a North Carolina city. Netflix should invest 60 million (52 million) in the development of the project, but it will not do so in this state of the United States.

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