Trainer problem: MSN will call the Olympic navigator, father

KUALA LUMPUR 12 January - The National Sports Council (MSN) will call on a qualified sailor for the 2020 Olympics to call a meeting with his unbeatable coach.

MSN general manager Datuk Ahmad Shapawi said: The coach is the father of one of the Olympic sailors Khairul Nizam Mohd. Afendy.

The meeting, he said, had to be organized after the working committee MSN / Olympic Council of Malaysia / Malaysian Sailing Association failed yesterday to break with Mohd's position. Afendy Abdullah.

"For Khairulnizam himself who asked for his father's services as a coach, we decide to postpone his decision and I will meet them both to discuss the demand," he said. The international trip is still a question mark to accompany Khairul Nizam and Nur Shazrin Abdul Latif who have already qualified for merit.

Shapawi, however, pointed out that the special programs for the country's Olympic champion would continue as usual even though the coach's problem has not been resolved. completed at the moment.

"One of its programs is to follow the competition of the Olympic competition to be held in Japan in July and August. We are really looking for a well-deserved sailor, "he said. - UTUSAN

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