In Japan, Super Smash Bros Ultimate becomes the best-selling franchise

The title passes in front of the 3DS version.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate was one of the best Nintendo cards in the 2018 year. It must be said that the Japanese marketed the title before Christmas and relied on the success of its Nintendo Switch - while promising a large panel of characters. The numbers have not been long since the copies have been numerous around the world! But today, it is Japan that interests us since Super Smash Bros Ultimate is officially the best-selling title of the entire franchise. A franchise started on Nintendo 64 has grown to become a must have every new Nintendo console.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate has conquered the hearts of players

No surprise: Super Smash Bros Ultimate won in Japan after Media Creatre and Famitsu - which has been the most-sold SSB rankings of all time since the saga was created.

Until now, the record was held by Super Smash Bros 3DS. But today, it's Super Smash Bros Ultimate which is number one with its 2.628.087 of copies sold in Japan alone.

It must be said that the title was entitled to a release before the holidays, a turning point for tech firms. Not forgetting that Reggie Fils-Aimé had explained that 60% of Nintendo of America's annual sales took place during Christmas: we imagine that Japan must also follow the same path.

1. Super Smash Ultimate Bros (Switch): 2.628.087
2. Super Smash Bros 3DS (3DS): 2.558.302
3. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii): 2.370.000
4. Super Smash Bros (N64): 1.970.000
5. Super Smash Bros Melee (GC): 1.510.000
6. Super Smash U Bros (Wii U): 746.425

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