Gabon: Julien Nkoghe Bekale Appointed Prime Minister and Faustin Boukoubi Elected President of the National Assembly -

Faustin Boukoubi was elected Friday president of the National Assembly of Gabon. A few minutes after the establishment of this new Assembly, Ali Bongo Ondimba also appointed a new Prime Minister, Julien Nkoghe Bekale.

The name of the new prime minister has been announced on Friday night 11 to Saturday January 12. "By decree of the President of the Republic is appointed head of government Mr. Julien Nkoghe Bekale," announced the Secretary General of the Gabonese Presidency, Jean-Yves Teale, in a video broadcast on the national media.

The former Prime Minister, Emmanuel Issoze-Ngondet, becomes "mediator of the Republic," added Jean-Yves Teale.

Julien Nkoghe Bekale was several times minister under the presidency of Ali Bongo: Work but also Small and Medium enterprises. He was also minister under the presidency of Omar Bongo Ondimba.

A new government is expected soon with a smaller number of ministers.

New National Assembly

Faustin Boukoubi, the new president of the National Assembly, is also a cacique of the ruling party. Aged 65 years, the former secretary general of the Gabonese Democratic Party (CEO) succeeds Richard Auguste Onouviet, whose mandate was completed on 30 April 2018. An influential deputy, several times minister under Omar Bongo Ondimba, he had been brought in 2008 to the general secretariat of the party. Held away from 2016's presidential campaign by part of President Ali Bongo's entourage, he resigned on August 10 2017. While it was definitely believed to break the ban with the majority, he reappeared in December 2017 at the Congress of the CEO, after which Ali Bongo entrusted him the presidency of the advisory council of the wise.

These changes occur in a context where the president is still recovering in Morocco, and while the country knew on Monday 7 January an attempted coup. On 30 April 2018, the mandate of the deputies had not been renewed by the Constitutional Court, which had already extended it twice.

On the other hand, there are other people close to Ali Bongo Ondimba who have been admitted to the bureau of the Chamber. Thus, his daughter Malika Bongo Ondimba, elected in Bongoville (Haut Ogooué) and now second secretary of the office. As for the new Questeur, Hervé Patrick Opiangah, MP for Mounana, he is the nephew of his first wife, Annick Aubierge Lafitte Mouvagha, and is part of the first circle of the head of state.

Composition of the new office of the National Assembly

President: Faustin Boukoubi (CEO, Pana, Ogooué Lolo)

Vice President: Idriss Ngari (CEO, Ngouoni, Haut Ogooué)

2e Vice President: Richard Royembo (CEO, 3e headquarters of Port-Gentil)

3e Vice President: Lucienne Owoulanga (CEO, Libreville)

4e Vice President: Jonathan Ignoumba (Democrat Party)

5e Vice President: Raphael Ngazouze (CEO, Cantons Nké and Fieng-Okano, Ogooué Ivindo)

Vice-Chair of the Opposition: Vacancy

1er questeur: Patrick Hervé Opiangah (UDIS, Mounana, Haut Ogooue)

2e Quaestor: Philippe Nzengue Mayila (CEO)

1er secretary: Barnabé Indoumou (CEO, Canton Basse-Lombo, Ogooué Lolo)

2e secretary: Malika Bongo Ondimba (CEO, Bongoville, Haut Ogooué)

3e Secretary: Frédéric Nzue Edzang (RV, Medouneu, Woleu Ntem)

CEO Group

President: Martin Mabala (CEO, Fougamou, Middle Ogooué)

Vice President: Jean Massima (CEO, Koulamoutou, Ogooué Lolo)

Secretary: Francis Ntolo Eya'a (CEO, Ekorété Cantons, Woleu Ntem)

Treasurer: Ferdinand Mbadinga Mombo (CEO, Canton Mougalaba, Nyanga)

Law Commission

President: Gabriel Malonga Mouelet (CEO, Libreville)

Vice President: Mathias Otounga (CEO, Okondja, Haut Ogooué)

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