Death Stranding: Troy Baker promises a big game, worthy of Hideo Kojima

In other words, the water goes to our mouths!

This is one of the most anticipated and mysterious games to come: Death Stranding. A title all the more intriguing since imagined by Hideo Kojima, the father of the Metal Gear franchise. After leaving Konami - players remember with the tear in the eye of Silent Hill canceled at the same time - the man had decided to start a new title by surrounding himself with big names. We can notably mention Norman Reedus, who embodies the main character, but also Mads Mikkelson (Pusher, Hannibal, Valhalla Rising), Guillermo Del Toro (Hellboy, The Labyrinth of Pan, The Form of Water), Lea Seydoux (Life d'Adèle) or Troy Baker. And it is this last city that interests us today.

A big game after Troy Baker

Troy Baker, who will play a mysterious masked man seen during a trailer of Death Stranding, promised it at any rate. It was during an interview for RevistaToma5, YouTube channel, that the comedian returned to the game.

It's a huge game. It's a game of size. If you know Hideo Kojima, you know he never plays games. This game will be weird but especially very big.

In short, nothing new around Death Stranding. It must be said that Hideo Kojima distilled the information around his title and his actors seem secretive. It was impossible not to be enthusiastic about seeing the man propose a new universe after the great success of the Metal Gear saga - but an episode 5 that had disappointed. It remains to wait for the release of Death Stranding to discover if Troy Baker says true ...

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