Cameroon to house the first civil aviation training center

(Invest in Cameroon) – According to the News Aero letter, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) will establish its first ever regional training center of excellence in Cameroon. As part of the domiciliation of this structure in Cameroon, a memorandum of understanding was signed on Thursday, May 31, in Hoofddorp in the Netherlands, between Ms. Avomo Assoumou Paule Koki, Director General of the Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority ( CCAA) and Mrs. Paula V. de Almeida, director of the Joint Aviation Authorities Training Organization (JAATO).

Through this establishment, JAATO, as the main training organization for the regulation of aviation in Europe, intends positioning the CCAA as a satellite center for the Central African region

According to Paula V. de Almeida: “The main objective of this partnership is to make Cameroon an aviation skills development center. in the Central Africa subregion and in Africa, thanks to JAATO's high-level support. “

It further stated that” the partnership will enable the JAATO to become accessible for the first time on the continent by this well-known local training school, which will serve as a satellite. “ According to experts, this partnership is a great first in Africa. Because, it is said, “the CCAA is to date the only civil aviation organization in Africa to sign such a partnership agreement with JAATO”.

Thus, in the short term , the organization will offer a range of training at the headquarters of the CCAA training school located in Douala. Thereafter, JAATO, an associate member of the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC), will initiate training for local instructors to qualify them and enable capacity building.

For Ms. Avomo Assoumou Paule Koki, “the recent establishment of an English proficiency test center for aviation personnel is already an important element in the new course that the CCAA training school is taking, that it prepares its ICAO certification audit. His candidacy as a full member of ICAO's Trainair Plus program is also a relevant factor confirming the Center's compliance with JAATO's minimum requirements for -establishment- satellite centers “.

Welcoming this partnership, JAATO, in turn, said in a statement that “this partnership will undoubtedly propel the viability for the increased skill levels of aviation professionals in the African region. to higher international standards, thanks to the initiative and joint efforts of these two organizations. “

Finally, it should be noted that, apart from its base in the Netherlands, the JAATO is also a pioneering member of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Virtual Academy, has satellite centers in Vienna, Austria, London in Great Britain, Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the Arab Emirates United States, Istanbul in Turkey, Luxembourg, Saint Julians in Malta, Larcana in Cyprus

Stéphane Billé