Cameroon: A woman of 62 gives birth to a baby

A woman of 62 years has just given birth to a baby at the Hospital Center for Research and Application in Endoscopic Surgery and Human Reproduction (Chracerh) of Ngousso in Yaounde.

The medical prowess was made possible thanks to the in-vitro fertilization of the teams of Dr. Jean Marie Kassia, General Manager of Chracerh. A total of four babies were presented to the press. They are born of women of 62, 53, 46 and 37 years.

The Chracerh was inaugurated the 6 Mai 2016 by Chantal Biya. In 2 years several medical prowess have already been achieved in this center which provides high level care.

These include classical and obstetric gynecology, outpatient consultations, gynecological emergencies, cryoscopy, operative hysteroscopy, fibroscopy, medical assistance to procreation, in vitro fertilization ...

The Chracerh, which is part of Chantal Biya's humanitarian action, has the primary mission of fighting against infertility.

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