Black Mirror: The creator of Bandersnatch invites "to go fuck" those who did not like the episode

The man is rather reassembled.

The interactive episode of Black Mirror, titled Bandersnatch, does not have any more to everyone. Many underline its grand-guignolesque side, its poor realization, its limited choices or a more than limited interest. Negative critics, in the middle of the positives, that Charlie Brooker does not really seem to like. As a reminder, the latter is none other than the creator of Black Mirror. It was during an interview for the Huffington Post that the man invited those who did not like Bandersnatch to "go get drunk": the class!

Charlie Brooker does not like negative reviews

This is in any case the impression that leaves Charlie Brooker, creator of Black Mirror, in this interview where the man appears very reassembled. Attention, there is a little text!

It is interesting to see the multiple reactions of spectators according to expectations. If some people say to us "Oh no, I'm bad for things like that," we answer "No worries, you will lose and that's normal. We try to make you fail several times for you to go round in circles and start the actions again. This is the purpose of the story. On the other hand, many others told us "I do not want to choose" or "I do not want to do this thing ..". Well, fuck yourself and do something else! Some also told us "It's too simple for a video game" or "video games have done before". This is not a video game but Netflix! I know what a video game is, thanks.

For the curious, Bandersnatch is always available on Netflix - and still divides viewers on its quality ...

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