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A mom shares this good trick with a roll of paper to save lives in the car

Road crashes are a pervasive cause of death that is peculiar to our contemporary way of life and the more time passes, the more it becomes clear that safety measures must be taken to avoid the worst for us as well as for all those to whom we care more than anything in the world. Fortunately, the tricks to limit the case are not lacking.

An omnipresent danger everywhere in the world

When we talk about the most common causes of traffic accidents, alcohol unfortunately comes first. This is the one with the highest mortality rate, with 28% of the total victims in 2014. But drunk driving is not the only one because there is also excessive speed and driving under the influence of drug who have during the same year, respectively caused 26% and 23% of the total of the victims of road accidents in the hexagon.

On the other hand, there are deaths that are unfortunately due to failures of certain safety rules such as the absence of a belt or helmet, so about 21% of people who die by car had not previously attached their seatbelt while 12% of moped riders and 3% of motorcyclists who saw their lives end on the roads were wearing no helmet at the time of the accident. According to the statistics Worldwide, more than 3000 people die every day in car crashes all over the world, resulting in an overall number of victims that rises to 1,24 million people each year.

Nevertheless, the danger is not only on the road, but it also depends on certain things that can happen inside the vehicle itself. Moreover, there are very few people who know that a roll of ordinary paper towel is able to avoid the worst.

Accidents of which we speak very little

As you probably must know, especially if you are a parent, it is because children love to play inside the car and often have fun getting up and down the windows. Unfortunately, these simple amusements can end very badly, because the automatic windows having a force of pressure of approximately 36 Kg, it is enough that the child supports without making a button on purpose to hurt himself, knowing that a pressure of only 9 Kg is capable of causing serious damage to a child's fragile body. As surprising as it may seem, thousands of children die each year as a result of such trivial incidents.

This is unfortunately what happened to little Steven Falkner who was only 4 years old the day he leaned out of the window of the car, thus pressing his knee on the switch of the automatic window lifter. So, the gorge The poor child found himself caught between the window and the edge of the window, which will be enough to end his life soon after.

A very smart step to take

In order to protect children against similar tragedies, Janette Fennell, president and founder of the KidsAndCars association has found a solution that is certainly unusual, but clever.

This trick is to place a roll of paper towel against the edge of the window before pressing the button to raise the window. If, once the roller gets stuck, the window goes down, it means that your car is equipped with a system called "automatic reversal", which is in itself a very good news. But if, in the opposite case, the window continues to move upward and only partially slows down, Ms. Fennell suggests caution and the inclusion of features to provide greater security within the window. vehicle like locking buttons to keep the rear windows closed even if your child likes to touch them.

She also recommends that all parents make sure that their car is as safe as possible, paying attention to every detail. These measures also include the establishment of a device to break windows in an emergency, the verification of the proper functioning of the système central locking system and the installation of a carbon monoxide detector in the garage.

Do not forget to share this around you as these simple tips can make sure that your children's lives, as well as yours, are safe!

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