On the occasion of the 20e anniversary of "The sopranos", we have new details about the previous film - BGR

"You are one in a million, you must burn to shine / But you were born under a bad sign with a blue moon in your eyes. "

It was broadcast for the first time 20 years ago this week, and after all this time, we can say without being wrong The Sopranos remain a cultural force of nature that pushes the boundaries, whose effects are still felt in the stories of prestige and the dark dramas that followed. Game of Thrones inclusively

You have read enough stories about innovators, risk takers, and people with crazy dreams, and commonalities are starting to emerge. They decided to try their luck. At first they had something good before it was really a thing - as the creator of Sopranos when his director urged him to consider working on something for television. And more specifically HBO, while he was still mainly known in the late 90 for boxing, movie reruns and The Larry Sanders Show .

HBO wanted something to turn heads. And David certainly delivered, giving the public a show about a family gangster in therapy that blew us all away. So much so that he now has a passionate fan base - enough power to justify the production of a sequel Sopranos The many saints of Newark about which new details have been discovered in recent days

HBO has decided to mark the 20th anniversary of the series by having a little fun on social networks. The channel's Twitter account asked people to share their first names, and then the channel started distributing soprano style nicknames .

Chase, for his part, has always been adamant that he will never continue the same thing. history, but at least he agrees to give us a prequel (release date: still to be determined).

We have learned in recent days that the prequel movie, which takes place at the end of the 60 years in the context of a Newark polarized on racism, New Jersey, will start spinning in April. The producer of The Many Saints of Newark is none other than Chase himself, who wrote a screenplay with the director of Sopranos Lawrence Konner.

Star Alessandro Nivola recently told Associated Press days when a young Tony Soprano will feature prominently in the film. "I guess I have to be pretty quiet about it, so David Chase is not killing me," he said. Nivola . "I play against Dickie Moltisanti, who is the central character of the film, and he is the father of Christopher Moltisanti. Christopher, of course, being the protégé of the original series played by Michael Imperioli.

The biggest music fans will also be intrigued to learn that part of the film will be shot in the Holsten ice cream parlor in New Jersey - the place where Tony and his family were gathered and eaten before the scene becomes black and begins 20 years later. It is worth speculating that Tony has lived or died.

Fun fact: if you do not want to stop believing that the story never ends, you can actually visit this ice cream shop yourself. They organize on-site visits on Thursdays and Saturdays. Just keep an eye on those who enter the door.

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