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A little 12 girl helps her mother give birth but things do not go as planned

In principle, girls are not admitted to the delivery room. For this girl of 12 years, it is a miracle because she will have managed to attend and even participate in the birth of her little brother. It is a moving and unusual story.

Childbirth is a painful, trying and liberating event in a woman's life. If it is expected a very long time by the future mothers, when comes the day D, a terrible anguish pincers them. Once the day of delivery arrives, everything is linked and several questions pass through the mind of the mother.

On the day of Dede Carraway's birth, there was nothing to suggest that an unprecedented change would see the light of day. She had already planned everything for her delivery and did not imagine that this day was going to be turned upside down by a person, very close to her moreover.

This initiative came from his obstetrician gynecologist and made everyone happy. Fortunately someone was there to capture this unique memory that will mark the famille for ever.

When Dede's daughter, Jacee, aged 12, entered the delivery room, she had only one fear: to miss the birth of her little brother. "I started crying because I thought I was not going to see him being born because I was too young," worried the girl at the microphone. News Now. But it was not counting on Dede's gynecologist, Dr. Wolf, who had organized a surprise for little Jacee.

Neither one nor two, instead of just moving people and clearing space for Jacee to be able to attenddeliveryDr. Wolf has proposed something new. He asked Jacee if she would help him bring his little brother to the world.

Dede and Jacee did not immediately accept. It is true that the little girl is not really used to giving birth. But the doctor reassured the mother and Jacee despite their hesitation and finally helped her give birth to her child. A major event for the little girl who had to improvise midwife with the help of the doctor.

"He let me push down and take out the baby ... it was like playing the doctor and that was the reality. I was very nervous, "recalls Jacee.

And Dede's delivery is far from easy. His epidural did not work and therefore suffered severe pain. But Jacee's face helping her to give birth gave her all the comfort she needed. When the moment of deliverance came, Dede gave birth to a boy of 3 kilos and 170 grams called Cayson Carraway.

"Seeing the emotions on Jacee's face made me want to cry. I'm about to cry there just talking. It was a wonderful moment for me, "she told News Now.

How to prepare for a delivery?

A delivery requires preparation. To face the stress and the physical effort that the mother has to make, it is essential to be provided with tools and wise advice in order to be ready for the big day. Several disciplines and activities can prepare for childbirth such as:

  • Sophrology
  • Meditation
  • Breathing exercises
  • Yoga
  • Aquatic gymnastics
  • Massages

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