Switzerland: A new chance for the law on CO2

A new chance for the CO2 law

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The Environment Committee of the Council of States wants to give a second chance to the law on CO2. One month after the rejection of the revision by the National, it decided unanimously to enter into matter on the project of the Federal Council.

The commission approves the general direction of the text and intends to develop constructive proposals in order to reach a law likely to gather a majority, announced the services of the Parliament Friday. The law must allow Switzerland to meet the commitments under the Paris Climate Agreement.

The Federal Council project plans to reduce 2030's greenhouse gas emissions by 50 by 1990 by XNUMX, mainly through measures in the building, transport and industry sectors. For the committee, it is essential to set a clear target for reductions in Switzerland and thus create new opportunities for the economy of our country.

Particularly arduous

The commission considers that it must "meet a particularly difficult challenge" after the rejection of the project in question by the National Council to vote on the assembly that took place during the winter session. It will look at different approaches and solutions in order to come up with a project that is likely to have a majority.

In mid-December, the National rejected the project after ten hours of debate. Only the PDC and PLR voted in favor. The project did not convince either the UDC or the left that the UDC and PLR proposals had gutted an unambitious project from the start.

The National had planned many less restrictive measures than those required by the Paris Agreement. In particular, he had narrowly renounced a reduction target in Switzerland. The government proposed that 60% of the emission compensation measures be national. The board had also replaced the reduction objectives in the law with the broader notion of indicative value.

Coupling with the EU

The committee also approved without opposition the project to couple the Swiss Emissions Trading Scheme with that of the European Union. It supports the ratification of the agreement concerned as well as a partial revision of the CO2 law in force, which should allow the implementation of the agreement.

It has taken over all the modifications made by the National Council, so as to avoid in particular that the air transport is doubly subject to requirements concerning the reduction of emissions. If the Council of States follows the commission, the coupling of the trading systems of quotas will be able to be realized with the 1er January 2020. (Ps / nxp)

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