Switzerland: False emails from the DDPS are turning

False emails from the DDPS are spinning

"Retefe" is Trojan horse malware. Image: Twitter

A wave of frauds raging currently in French-speaking Switzerland on the internet, warns the central registry and analysis for information security (MELANI). Cyber ​​criminals use fake e-mails on behalf of the Federal Department of Defense (DDPS).

These emails contain the computer virus "Retefe", warned Thursday MELANI on his Twitter account. "Do not open the attachments and immediately delete those emails," said Max Klaus, deputy director of MELANI, contacted by Keystone-ATS.

"Retefe" is Trojan horse-type malware that allows fraudsters to access victims' e-banking credentials. "We know this virus well. It has been raging for several years, "said Max Klaus.

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Created: 08.11.2018, 17h50

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