Switzerland: Climate will be at the heart of the federal 2019

The climate will be at the heart of the federal 2019

Regula Rytz, President of the Greens Image: Keystone

Meeting in assembly in Emmen (LU), the Greens delegates launched their campaign Saturday for the 2019 federal elections. At the heart of their electoral platform is "the necessary and urgent change of course in favor of effective climate protection".

For the environmentalist party, the elections this autumn will be decisive for the climate. They also symbolized their intention with this hashtag: #ElectionsClimat2019.
"We must win the 2019 federal election. This is the only way for Switzerland to take the climate change, "said the President of the Swiss Greens, Bernese Regula Rytz. She said she wanted to target four more seats in the National Council and better representation in the Council of States.

"The Greens are a modern, ecological, democratic, social, open Switzerland that guarantees freedom," she said. Mrs Rytz denounced the 2015 federal right turn which "left deep traces of braking, even back pedaling as in environmental policy". "We are the only party in Switzerland that systematically combines environmental issues with social issues and fundamental rights," she said.

Green politics always social

Delegates decided to support the initiative for glaciers: at least 500 Green climate activists will support its launch, the party said in a statement. They also instructed the management to explore, within a broad alliance, the possibility of launching an initiative for a tax on airline tickets, but only if Parliament were to take no action in this area. .

"The promotion of democracy, a society of solidarity, open and fair will also be priority combat in this next legislature," say the Greens. Voting in May on the Tax Project (DFSA) will be a first milestone. The Greens and Young Greens have opposed a referendum and want to launch an important signal for more tax justice in rejecting this project.

Equality will also remain a central theme for the party in the next legislature: "In 2019, a feminist election year, we want more women and young people elected to Parliament. We do not just talk about equality, we live it, "said Rytz.

Unanimous support for "Stop mitage"

The adoption of the slogan "Stop the sponging - for a sustainable development of the built environment (initiative against the sprawl)", submitted to vote on 10 next February, was also on the agenda of this meeting. Assembly. It was unanimous that the delegates recommended voting yes.

"Agricultural land protection, moderate land use and the promotion of sustainable living quarters are at the heart of green politics," writes the party. (Ps / nxp)

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