Cameroon: A cholera wave makes 58 dead

Cameroon is hit by a wave of cholera, particularly in the northern and far-northern regions.

According to the Cameroon Ministry of Public Health, the cholera outbreak has already caused the death of 58 people since May 2018. The report of the Public Health Constable indicates that 40 people have died in the Northern Region, 17 in the Far North.

1 inhabitant of the central region whose main city is Yaoundé died following the cholera. 993 suspected cases of cholera have been recorded since the resurgence of the disease in May 2018, particularly in the Far North (279), North (636), Center (72) and Littoral (7) regions. In addition 77 suspected cases of cholera are confirmed, reads in said document.

The quality of the water is questioned. Just as insalubrity in the cities with piles of rubbish piling up.

In 2010, the last major cholera outbreak has caused more than 225 deaths in Cameroon.

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