Apple reaches settlement with Rivos over chip trade secrets dispute, IPHONE ADDICT

Apple reaches settlement with Rivos over chip trade secrets dispute

Apple was able to reach an agreement with the Rivos company. This follows an attack on Apple in 2022 where the group had accused Rivos, a system-on-chip (SoC) company of stealing trade secrets.

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An agreement between Apple and Rivos

In a joint request, the companies have indicated to a judge that they wanted to finalize an agreement resolving their respective disputes by March 15. "The agreement provides for the correction of Apple's confidential information based on a forensic examination of Rivos' systems and other activities", according to the document filed in federal court in San Jose, California.

Rivos hired around 2021 former Apple employees in XNUMX. At least two of them, Bhasi Kaithamana and Ricky Wen, allegedly took gigabytes of confidential information from their ex-employer with them. Other former Apple employees are also said to have left with confidential documents. USB keys and AirDrop were used to collect the data.

Rivos had denied the allegations and claimed that Apple had “sought to punish Rivos and any Apple employees who may have sought to work there since the moment Apple learned of this promising start-up”. Last September, Rivos filed a lawsuit against Apple for unfair competition. But as we can see, both groups want to end their dispute.

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