Apple Vision Pro: we will have to wait for the 4th generation to have an ideal product, IPHONE ADDICT

Apple Vision Pro: we will have to wait until the 4th generation to have an ideal product

The Apple Vision Pro is recently availableMore everything is not perfect, whether it is weight level that may be considered important after long sessions or general experience. It's a first generation after all. And if we are to believe Apple employees, we will have to wait for the fourth model to have a really interesting product.

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Patience to have a really interesting Apple Vision Pro

Several testimonials from Apple employees who worked on the Vision Pro state that there is still a lot of work before the headset reaches its “ideal shape”. The testimonies, collected by Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, indicate that the fourth generation of the product should really become interesting at all levels, to the point of reaching the general public with daily use.

While it's unclear exactly what Apple's development team considers to be the "ideal shape" of the device, it's pretty easy to take inspiration from some early adopters, whose issues with the device have extended to both hardware and software. As previously said, there is the weight of the helmet. Other elements noted are that the autonomy is too light. On the App Store side, there are not many dedicated applications. On the other hand, several bugs exist in the visionOS operating system.

Until Apple releases an improved version, “The Vision Pro is essentially a prototype — a prototype that you have to pay Apple for the privilege of testing”, summarizes Gurman.

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