Presidential election in Senegal: Netflix in the country of Teranga

Presidential election in Senegal: Netflix in the country of Teranga

© Damien Glez

© Damien Glez


Published on February 5, 2024

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Senegalese voters can hardly believe their eyes. If the tension has been palpable for months in pre-campaign Senegal, the director of this fiction-like reality has surprised his world. Saturday February 3, President Macky Sall did the trick du electoral “slip” Congolese style.

“Unpublished” is the word that floats in the mouths of experts and under the pens of journalists. From independence in 1960, Senegal has never missed a presidential election. The country is even presented as a example of democratic stability, with a minimum of noise and a record of alternations, two outgoing heads of state having been beaten fairly. So for two days, some have been trying to justify the unexpected episode of a political thriller which is written at the same time as it is interpreted, while others hope further influence it.

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Who benefits from the postponement?

Macky Sall wraps himself in the supposed wisdom of the referee who feels obliged to whistle a match suspension after having noted "a dispute between the National Assembly and the Constitutional Council, in open conflict against the backdrop of an alleged affair de corruption of judges.” A case which precisely concerns the “candidate verification process” for the election in question. Like Pontius Pilate, the one who was not on the list of those eligible for president does not extend a philanthropic hand to those who have failed like Karim Wade or, same if that was not his intention, to Ousmane Sonko ?

The latter's supporters do not seem to hear it that way. Yassine Fall, vice-president of Pastef (officially dissolved) speaks of a “constitutional coup d’état”. Certain that her party would win the election, with or without Sonko, she affirms that “ Macky Sall is not doing this for us, but against us. »

Karim Wade can he expect more from this additional time? Rejected for residual French nationality on the date of validation of applications, the son ofAbdoulaye Wade certainly observed the sequence closely – indeed played a more or less direct role in it.

Hidden agenda or Pandora's box?

Whatever the sincerity of Macky Sall in terms of appeasement, it is to a certain nervousness of the Dakar streets that his coup de theater has led.

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Did the president open a box of Pandora that it will have difficulty closing? Does he have a hidden agenda? The most ironic observers imagine him knocking on the door of the Alliance of Sahel States (AES), which has just caused concern in the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). Unless which its brutal braking no longer radically derails the democratic process towards a less constitutional putsch. Will Macky Sall be inspired by the Ivorian screenwriter who ultimately sought a third term after having appointed his successor? Quiet ! No spoilers before the climax of this series at succès !

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