The beautiful little seaside town home to one of UK's best castles | UK | News

The beautiful little seaside town home to one of UK's best castles | UK | News

Even though winter is coming it still might be a fabulous day out to visit this north Welsh town which is home to one of the UK's best examples of a castle.

Filming for the Game of Thrones prequel series House of the Dragon was seen close to Beaumaris in Anglesey earlier this year and looking at the town's impressive castle it's easy to see why.

Dating back to 1295 the impressive moated Beaumaris Castle definitely looks like it could be home to some fantasy king or queen who might own a dragon.

And with the Welsh flag carrying the emblem of the mythical creature what better place to indulge in some fairytale fantasies than this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

According to Visit Anglesey the ancient structure has “perfectly symmetrical concentric lines of fortification and “there also a moat and a dock for access by supply ships. »

Just four miles away from Beaumaris NorthWalesLive reports filming was seen taking place in June this year suspected to be linked to the House of the Dragon series.

Built by King Edward I as part of his conquering of Wales, the castle is actually famously known as “the greatest castle never built” because it remained incomplete after war began with Scotland.

The Welsh Government Beaumaris Castle website states: “Here Edward and his architect James of St George took full advantage of a blank canvas: the 'beau mareys' or 'beautiful marsh' beside the Menai Strait. By now they'd already constructed the great castles of Conwy, Caernarfon and Harlech. This was to be their crowning glory, the castle to end all castles.

“The result was a fortress of immense size and near-perfect symmetry. No fewer than four concentric rings of formidable defenses included a water-filled moat with its very own dock. The outer walls alone bristled with 300 arrow loops.

“But lack of money and trouble brewing in Scotland meant building work had petered out by the 1320s. The south gatehouse and the six great towers in the inner ward never reached their intended height. The Llanfaes gate was barely started before being abandoned. »

The town of Beaumaris itself is home to just over 1,000 people and is around 270 miles from London.

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