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iPhone 16 Pro: a supply chain source confirms the tetraprism sensor

Last September, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo announced that from 2024, the iPhone 16 Pro would in turn recover the tetraprism sensor currently found in the only iPhone 15 Pro Max model, a forecast reiterated by Kuo in November. Kuo's source then was Largan, one of Apple's suppliers. The tetraprism sensor definitely seems to be confirmed since The Elec claims to know from another source, this time LG Innotek, that the tetraprism sensor will indeed be included in the two iPhone 16 Pro and 16 Pro Max models. LG Innotek has reportedly received a much larger number of orders from Apple for the folded zoom actuators used in the tetraprism sensor. “Apple expects a double-digit increase in the volume of folded zoom models for next year's iPhone 16, so LG Innotek should benefit” specifies the article in The Elec.

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Other suppliers were involved, including Jahwa and Sony, but LG Innotek would have the best production yields which would have convinced Apple to keep the same supplier for the zoom actuator (LG Innotek is in fact already in charge of this component for the tetraprism sensor of the iPhone 15 Pro Max).

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