confusion surrounding the provisional release of two main suspects

confusion surrounding the provisional release of two main suspects

In Cameroon, confusion reigns in the case of Martinez Zogo, a journalist found murdered last January. During the day, the investigating judge had issued an order to request the provisional release of two of the main accused but the situation was turned upside down in the early evening.

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For the lawyers of the two accused, the day had started well. The investigating judge issued an order in which he ordered the release of the intelligence boss, Léopold Maxime Eko Eko, and the businessman Jean-Pierre Amougou Belinga, two of the main defendants in this affair. A real bolt from the blue in this ultra-sensitive issue. In this document, the magistrate explained that after various hearings and confrontations with one of their main accusers, Lieutenant-Colonel Justin Danwe, the detention of the two accused was “not no longer necessary for the manifestation of the truth ", according to the text.

A long wait outside the prison 

The order leaked on social networks, parents, friends of the accused then flocked to the main prison of Yaoundé Kondengui where they were incarcerated, reports our correspondent, Polycarp Essomba. In the courtyard adjoining the prison, there were hugs and tears of joy, and also disbelief among some, because the news took everyone by surprise. 

The arrival of the parties' lawyers, who came to carry out the formalities for lifting the arrests at the end of the afternoon, finally convinced the skeptics that the release of the defendants was imminent. The lawyers claim to have discharged the order, that is, they signed to confirm receipt of the document. According to the procedure, the investigating judge then had to transmit it to the government commissioner, himself responsible for ordering the release of the two accused.

But the wait is nagging, and rumors about negotiations in high places sow doubt on the prison esplanade. Why don't the accused come out? ask close relatives, eager to commune with their loved ones. The minutes and hours of waiting become endless until this new twist: around 22 p.m., a document begins to circulate - as in a second act - indicating that the previous ones, in particular the order of the judge of instruction from the military court issuing a release decision, was a forgery.

« We refuse to believe it »

Léopold Maxime Eko Eko and Jean-Pierre Amougou Belinga ultimately remained in detention. The two men's lawyers then denounced a scandal and manipulation. Me Seri Simplice Zokou, lawyer for Léopold Maxime Eko Eko, is indignant.

We react quite badly and with a lot of amazement.

Me Seri Simplice Zokou, lawyer for Leopold Maxime Eko Eko

Sébastien Németh

An incomprehensible imbroglio for the lawyer of Martinez Zogo's beneficiaries, Me Calvin Job. What he describes as “ escape attempt » only aims to discredit the instruction and takes the truth a little further away. “ There are individuals who organized what is considered an escape attempt on the basis of these apocryphal documents. They organized this behind the back of justice, sullying the name of this institution ". Master Calvin Job said to himself “ shocked by the process » and requests that an investigation be carried out to find out “ who is responsible, who did what and how ". The lawyer believes that the people denounced by Martinez Zogo “ are still at work ". " These are the same people hiding in the shadows who, since then, have put pressure on the magistrates, on the participants in this procedure, to direct it in one direction or the other. He concludes.

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