Case of the assassination of Martinez Zogo: Maxime Eko Eko's lawyer confirms the authenticity of the release order

Case of the assassination of Martinez Zogo: Maxime Eko Eko's lawyer confirms the authenticity of the release order

In the case of the assassination of Martinez Zogo, Maxime Eko Eko's lawyer, Me Seri Simplice Zokou, confirmed the authenticity of his client's release order. This decision was made by the investigating judge who released his detention. However, a document circulating on social media claims that this order is a fake, causing confusion and outrage among lawyers. A look back at this complex and disturbing affair.

The facts and the ordered release:

On January 17, 2023, Martinez Zogo was kidnapped in front of the Nkol-Nkondi gendarmerie brigade, in Yaoundé. His lifeless body was discovered five days later in Ebogo III, another suburb of the Cameroonian capital. The autopsy revealed numerous abuses inflicted on the victim's body.

As part of this case, Jean-Pierre Amougou Belinga, Léopold Maxime Eko Eko, Justin Danwe and other suspects were indicted by the Yaoundé military court on March 4, 2023 and incarcerated at Kondengui main prison. This Friday 1er September, the investigating judge issued an order ordering the release of Maxime Eko Eko and Amougou Belinga, explaining that their detention was no longer necessary for the manifestation of the truth, following the hearings and confrontations with their main accuser, lieutenant -Colonel Justin Danwe.

Confirmation of release order:

Me Seri Simplice Zokou, lawyer for Maxime Eko Eko, confirmed the authenticity of the order for the release of his client. According to him, this decision was rendered by the investigating judge and was physically notified to the defense team, in the presence of several witnesses. However, the circulation of a document claiming that this order is a forgery has sowed doubt as to the actual release of the accused.

Reaction from lawyers and suspicions of manipulation:

In an indignant reaction, the lawyers of the two men denounced a scandal and manipulation. They question the reasons why their clients remain in detention despite the order of release pronounced by the investigating judge. The imbroglio surrounding this affair causes incomprehension and raises questions about the impartiality of Cameroonian justice.

“We react, I would say, quite badly and with a lot of amazement. And for the moment we are refraining from expressing other emotions. The reality is that this morning a decision was rendered by the investigating judge who lifted our client's detention and ordered his release. This decision was physically notified to my colleagues in the defense team and this was also done in the presence of at least 5 people and the delivery of this decision was followed by a discharge. And we are surprised. We are waiting for this to be notified to us ourselves that what we are hearing really comes from the judge. Until now we refuse to believe it. It would be the first time in my career to see such a situation. We hope that this cannot be done for the honor of justice in general and for the honor of Cameroonian justice. », Declared on RFI this morning Me Seri Simplice Zokou.

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