Apple is looking at 6G for its future iPhones and is recruiting, IPHONE ADDICT

Apple is looking at 6G for its future iPhones and is recruiting

While Apple is currently preparing its in-house 5G modem, the group is also interested in 6G for its future iPhones. The group is looking for qualified people for the next mobile network.

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6G support in preparation at Apple

A recent job offer from Apple indicated :

As a Cellular Platform Architect, you will lead and coordinate the design and modeling of a 6G reference architecture. An appropriate set of prototype implementations and reference architecture models should be developed to enable the evaluation of candidate technologies and use cases. In this role, you will plan, lead and actively participate in these modeling and prototyping activities. You will collaborate transversally with the research and development teams to propose, plan and implement simulations and experiments to evaluate candidates for 6G technology!

However, we will have to wait several years before discovering 6G, whether for Apple with its iPhones or Android smartphones. Indeed, the new technology is not expected to be available before 2030.

For the moment, Apple wants to develop its own 5G chip to no longer use Qualcomm modems. But development is complicated, so much so that the release date is only being pushed back. According to the latest rumors, it will be at the end of 2025 at the earliest. But we should rather bet on 2026.

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