Telegram – Voice message transcription available to everyone, IPHONE ADDICT

Telegram – Voice message transcription available to everyone

Telegram, one of the most used communication apps, has just received a major update for its versions iOS et Android. It adds features, and improves some already present in previous versions. We are talking in particular about the functions of transcription of audio and video messages. Available since last year for premium users, the developers decided to make this tool open for all users. However, it will be somewhat limited in its free version. Two audio messages can be converted to text per week. Just press the little arrow icon, and the application will send you a text version of the voice message.

You may not have access to the feature right away. According to the developers, it is gradually arriving on all devices. In addition to this feature, the update makes it easier to discovery new channels making recommendations based on those already reached. In addition, you can now add comments or video reactions to stories, or prepare video messages. Sharing stories is made much easier. Finally, Telegram offers profile customization options and backgrounds for different discussions. Finally, the application can detect programming languages, and display them correctly according to the syntax.

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