Song finally coached Eto'o!

Song finally coached Eto'o!

Thursday, the former Cameroon team striker,
Samuel Eto'o (118 selections, 56
goals), played again. Funny fact: he was coached by his
former selection teammate, Rigobert Song.

He hadn't worn his crampons again for a long time.
On Thursday, the president of the Cameroon Football Federation
, Samuel Eto'o, pushed back the meadow time
a 50-minute gala match at the Limbe Omnisport Stadium,
Cameroon. It was a remake of the CAN 2000 final
Cameroon-Nigeria (2-2, 4-3 after tab) to mark the occasion
second edition of the international plantain festival,
taking place from November 30 to December 03, 2023.

The Super Eagles veterans thus found their counterparts
Indomitable Lions in a practically full enclosure,
proof of the enthusiasm aroused by the classic. On the one hand, the
Taribo West, Babaginda, Samuel Okpara and their captain Jay-Jay
Okocha, and on the other, Eto'o, who put on the armband, accompanied
by Patrick Mboma, Lauren Mayer and Geremi Njitap. On the bench
Cameroonian, the legend at the position of central defender and current
national team coach: Rigobert Song.

Eto'o and Song do it again

Like 23 years ago, it was the Eto'o gang that won,
this time with a clear 3-1 victory. Former striker Julius
Aghahowa opened the scoring for the Greens and Whites with a pass
Okocha's decisive victory. The Cameroonians then turned the tide
by Samuel Eto'o, scorer with the flat foot for the equalizer,
Bernard Tchoutang, previously decisive passer for his captain,
and Robert Ndip Tambe.

For the record, CAN 2000 was the first edition organized
by two countries, namely Ghana and Nigeria. Eto'o had finished
tied for second best scorer with Patrick Mboma (4 goals)
behind the golden shoe Shaun Bartlett, author of 5 achievements
with South Africa.

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