Liberation of Amougou Belinga: The deep disappointment of David Eboutou, his former prisoner

Liberation of Amougou Belinga: The deep disappointment of David Eboutou, his former prisoner

The release of Jean Pierre Amougou Belinga, following the order of the military investigating judge Sikati Kwamo, arouses contrasting reactions within public opinion.

Amougou Belinga, very influential businessman and owner of the powerful Anecdote consortium, was released this Friday, December 1, 2023 in the Martinez Zogo affair. Some observers are very disappointed to see Amougou Belinga regain his freedom.

JP Amougou Belinga was indicted by the military court for “complicity in torture by aiding”. He was accused of having been involved in acts of torture in the assassination of journalist Martinez Zogo.

Among the voices disappointed by this release, that of David Eboutou is heard.

A human rights activist, Eboutou was imprisoned by Amougou Belinga in June 2016, in a case of forgery and use of forged documents. He remained behind bars for 30 months before being released. Since then, he has continued to proclaim his innocence and has always displayed animosity towards Zomloa, whom he considers his executioner.

In a message posted on social media, Eboutou expressed his disappointment at the release of his former jailer: “Dear friends, can you tell me who is ruling Cameroon at the moment? I'm serious. I no longer recognize this country!! It hurts.« 

He also added a somber note by saying: “Dear friends, if I disappear from circulation in the next few days, you all know where to look. It's him. »

A statement which thus shows the deep resentment that David Eboutou feels towards Amougou Belinga and the fear for his own safety.

The release of Amougou Belinga continues to cause debate in Cameroonian public opinion, with some questioning the fairness and independence of the country's judicial system.

The release decision also concerned Maxime Eko Eko, boss of the DGRE, accused in the journalist's murder case.

However, Justin Danwe, director of operations of the DGRE, remains in pre-trial detention. He is notably being prosecuted for “torture, complicity in torture, failure to provide assistance, aggravated arrest and confinement in co-action and violation of co-action instructions”.

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