his family is fighting for his release

his family is fighting for his release

A vacation that turns into a nightmare and drama. On August 29, the Algerian navy killed two of four young vacationers – three Franco-Moroccans and one Moroccan – who had gotten lost on their jet-skis in Algerian maritime space near the Saïdia station. A fisherman found the body of Bilal Kissi, aged 29, and a French-Moroccan national, floating on the Moroccan side. The body of Abdelali Mechaouer, aged 40 and of Moroccan nationality, was recovered the next day from Algerian waters and sent to the Tlemcen morgue. Affected, Smail Nabi, also Franco-Moroccan, was arrested and detained by Algeria, which accused him of having entered its territory illegally until his conviction. As for Mohamed Kissi, he was saved by the Moroccan coast guard who were looking for them.

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Tried in immediate appearance on August 30 before the Bab El-Assa court, Ismail Snabi received three months in prison for “illegal entry” into Algerian territory. That day, he was presented “chested and barefoot” in front of the court, assures Monde his wife who recently visited him in Maghnia prison, in the west of the country. “He was out to have fun, he only had his swimsuit and a life jacket at sea,” explains Israa Snabi, 27 years old. She and the public prosecutor appealed. Wasted effort. The sentence was confirmed during the second instance trial in Tlemcem on September 24, during which he was tried by videoconference. Subsequently, a new sentence was imposed on this 27-year-old automobile technical inspector, working in Bondy and living in Clichy-sous-Bois (Seine-Saint-Denis) whose criminal record did not mention any convictions.

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Tried for "the offense of smuggling a vehicle", on September 6 he was sentenced to six months' imprisonment - the prosecution had requested three years - and a fine of 15 million dinars (100 euros), or five times the value of the jet-ski, according to customs, who filed a civil suit. He is accused of having crossed the maritime border without the documents for the jet ski (which belongs to Mohamed Kissi). His wife and the public prosecutor once again appealed. Snabi sees his sentence increased on appeal: one year in prison. The Franco-Moroccan was unable to appeal to the Court of Cassation on these two cases. “We missed the deadline,” sighs his wife. He will not be released from prison until he pays the fine. » If the detainee admits, during these four trials, to having entered Algeria “by mistake”, he assures that “his attempt to escape the hands of the Algerian naval forces” was “the result of fear”.

Since then, Israa Snabi has taken steps to get her husband out of prison. He would be placed in a cell with around twenty people. “He told me that he sometimes sleeps on the floor,” sighs his wife. Today he is not well. He has lost around twenty kilos, although he is a bit “bouboule”. It's even his nickname. I will do everything to get him out. » Israa sent a letter to Catherine Colonna, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, to be granted an audience. Without answer. “I went to the Quai d’Orsay twice with my children,” she assures us, “but I was unable to see anyone. »The mother then sent a letter to Emmanuel Macron. “Attentive to your approach, I did not fail to remind you of your expectations [to Ms. Colonna] which I had previously informed,” the President of the Republic responded to her on November 17, through his head of office. office, Rodrigue Furcy. “Yes, but France does nothing,” she summarizes. My husband did not even receive a visit from the consul in prison. »

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