Death Stranding on Mac is postponed to January 2024, IPHONE ADDICT

Death Stranding on Mac is delayed until January 2024

Death Stranding Director's Cut was to be available tomorrow on Mac, but the game was ultimately postponed to January 31, 2024. The announcement was discreet, we only found the information on the Mac App Store. Neither Kojima Productions (which develops the game) nor 505 Games (which distributes it on Mac) have mentioned it.

Death Stranding

Postponed to 2024 for Death Stranding On Mac

A presentation of Death Stranding On Mac took place last June, during the opening keynote of WWDC. There was then talk of a release at the end of the year. Then the date of December 2 was announced, with the opening of pre-orders. And now the game is postponed to January 31, 2024.

Everything is obviously not ready, hence the new release date for 2024. We must now hope that the postponement of almost two months will allow the game to be refined. Indeed, it would be a great shame if the experience was spoiled from the start. Some studios do not hesitate to release botched games and then offer numerous updates to try to correct the situation. A notable example was Cyberpunk 2077.

Death Stranding Director's Cut weighs 69,8 GB and requires having an Apple Silicon Mac, that is to say a model with the M1, M2, M3 chips or their Pro, Max and Ultra variants. Those who have a Mac with an Intel processor are left out. The price is €39,99.

The game is already available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC. It will therefore arrive in 2024 on Mac. Note that an iPhone version is also planned. The release was also supposed to happen before the end of the year, but we can imagine that the slot will not be respected.

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