Apple highlights the iPhone 15 and portrait mode in an ad, IPHONE ADDICT

Apple highlights the iPhone 15 and portrait mode in an ad

Apple has put online a new advertisement which focuses on the iPhone 15 and portrait mode. This is about editing after taking the photo.

An ad for portrait mode with the iPhone 15

In the Apple ad, a band is working on their album cover. One of the group uses an iPhone 15 to edit a photo of the trio and uses the subject adjustment feature with portrait mode to focus on herself in the foreground. So, it is sharp, where the other two members are totally blurry.

She gives the iPhone to another member of the group who also uses the subject adjustment function with portrait mode, this time putting the focus on him. The singer in the foreground thus becomes blurred, as does the third member of the group in the back.

iPhone 15 Mode Portrait Changer Sujet Flou

The two members bicker over which album cover to choose. They therefore call on the third member who this time puts the focus on him. Upon arrival, they agreed on this shot for the cover of their album.

“On iPhone 15, you can turn your photos into portraits after capturing. And for even more control, you can move the focus from one subject to another », indicates Apple in the description.

This iPhone 15 ad comes the same week Apple highlighted iOS 17's Personal Voice feature. She also had the right to publicity.

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