teachers want to toughen their movement in the face of intimidation from the authorities

teachers want to toughen their movement in the face of intimidation from the authorities

In Cameroon, the Cameroon Teachers' Union for Africa (Seca) is not giving up. The union organization denounced, in front of the media, on November 28, the intimidation targeting certain strikers and announced the toughening of strike measures. Through the operation “ dead chalk », in force since the start of the school year in September 2023, trade unionists plan to reduce their presence in schools by a quarter by generalizing the call for strikes.

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With our correspondent in Yaoundé, Richard Onanena

Determined and calm, the five strikers present at the Mvog-Ada trade union centre, in the Yaoundé district, maintained the pressure on the government. For Samory Touré, “ teachers do not want to create chaos in education, but they deplore the fact that, despite their strike, the living conditions of teachers remain disastrous “, he said to the press.

The SECA communications secretary regrets that the strikers are also subjected to various forms of intimidation on the ground: “ Timetable withdrawals, salary suspensions, we have school leaders who prevent strikers from entering school campuses. We have identified 12 forms of intimidation in the field. »

As a result, the unionists announced the toughening of the operation “ dead chalk » in force since 2022. Until now, the strike consisted of stopping classes and organizing sporadic demonstrations, often depending on teachers and different unions. The strikers are now considering a general call to desert schools for several weeks in a row.

« We are using the attrition strike technique, that is to say a strike which can extend over time, explains Samoury Touré. This involves doing one out of four weeks of work per month."

Despite the 96 billion promised by the government last week to the National Assembly and the meeting with the Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic, teachers are not convinced by these promises. They are demanding more than 190 million for, among other things, salary compensation.

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