What if the legalization of prostitution saved marriages…

What if the legalization of prostitution saved marriages…

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Published on November 29, 2023

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Nothing very new in the positions of Zimbabwean Nyasha Chikwinya with regard to the trade in sexual services. Moralism aside, the continued existence of the “oldest profession in the world” suggests un supervision of the profession in order to to eradicate the exploitation of the flesh, stigma, clandestine mistreatment, lack of legal protection or health decline.

“Prosperous sector”

The Joint Nations Program United on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) also recognizes the harmful impact of the criminalization of sex work in more than 103 countries. This is why the former Zimbabwean Minister of Women, Gender and for sustainable pleaded for the legalization of the profession in her country, during a recent meeting of the women's rights NGO "Economic Justice for Women Project" (EJWP).

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Alongside the old member of the government, the MP for Goromonzi West, Beatrice Nyampinga, added, during the same meeting, that “this prosperous sector” contributed “significantly to the development” of its constituency. Initiating a debate on the decriminalization of prostitution would thus make it possible to capture some tax, in this country where sex workers have adopted Mobile Money for the settlement of their services…

If these convincing arguments developed in the debate of November 22 are not very new, more enigmatic appeared the evocation, by Nyasha Chikwinya, of “ the importance societal consequences of the sex worker profession. And the figure of Zanu-PF (ruling party in Harare) to claim that prostitutes “save many marriages from collapse”. A an allusion that is all the more a source of buzz as it has not been the subject of an argued development.

Should we understand that for men who are sexually dissatisfied in their relationship, a sexual relationship that is priced and supposedly exempt de sentimentalism is less destabilizing than an adulterous relationship? For the most lucid Internet users, sex workers would less save marriages than they would delay inevitable divorces linked to motivations de unfaithfulness.

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