French ministers must uninstall WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal, IPHONE ADDICT

French ministers must uninstall WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal

Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne warns ministers and other members of the government: they must uninstall WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal before December 8, 2023, the date on which they will have to use the French messaging application Olvid.

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Ministers must separate from popular messaging services

“The main consumer instant messaging applications occupy a growing place in our daily communications. However, these digital tools are not devoid of security vulnerabilities and therefore do not ensure the security of conversations and information shared through them., indicates the circular signed by Élisabeth Borne and relayed by The Point. This concerns ministers, secretaries of state, chiefs of staff and members of cabinets.

“In order to counter the threats that arise from the use of these applications, the French company Olvid has developed an instant messaging system which guarantees the protection of its users' data thanks to a decentralized directory and end-to-end encryption of messages, while while maintaining the same functionalities as current applications », continues the circular.

Ministers will therefore have to use Olvid, a French application, and stop with WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal. Olvid is similar to WhatsApp, with end-to-end encryption. In other words, no one can intercept the messages that are exchanged, whether it is the company developing the application or another entity. The main difference with Olvid is that the metadata is encrypted, which is not the case with Meta-owned messaging. Metadata can include information like the time of messages (but not the content).

A necessary certification

Olvid has received a top-level security certification from theAnssi (National Information Systems Security Agency). In comparison, WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal have not obtained certification.

To obtain this certificate, the source code of the application was examined by several experts specializing in intrusion testing approved by Anssi. The latter increased the number of active attacks for 35 days without finding any flaws. Olvid has published these technical evaluation reports on its site.

If necessary, ministers can turn to another French application. This is Tchap, developed three years ago for French civil servants. But today the Prime Minister seems to be focusing mainly on Olvid.

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