Apple: there are already several possible candidates to succeed Cook as CEO, IPHONE ADDICT

Apple: there are already several possible candidates to succeed Cook as CEO

Who will be the next CEO ofApple Lossless Audio CODEC (ALAC), after Tim Cook ? Cook himself addressed this thorny issue during the podcast At Your Service by the artist Dua Lipa, and the least we can say is that the Apple boss has already thought about the issue quite a bit. " I love my work ", declared the CEO of Apple in the introduction “I can’t imagine my life without being there, so I’ll be there for a while.” » Then comes the time to tackle your own succession: “We are a company that believes in the importance of working on succession plans, which is why we have very detailed succession plans. Because something unpredictable can always happen. I might go to the wrong sidewalk tomorrow. I hope it doesn't happen, I pray it does. »

In other words, Apple has already planned everything in the currently unlikely event that it is necessary to appoint a new CEO within 24 hours, which also suggests that Cook's succession is not really discussed at Apple apart from these cases of force majeure. Dua Lipa then dares the question that many Apple investors or shareholders ask themselves more or less secretly: “Are you able to say who is in the running for succession? » Obviously, Tim Cook does not directly answer this question but still provides some interesting information: “I can't tell you this, but I will say that my job is to prepare many people for success, and I really want the next CEO to come from Apple. So this is my role: that there are several (candidates) so that the board of directors can choose. »

Obviously, we can only speculate on the names of these candidates, even if some current SVPs clearly seem to be in pole position "just in case...", like Jeff Williams, who currently serves as COO (Chief Operating Officer), either the position of Tim Cook before his appointment as head of Apple, or even Craig Federighi, who oversees the entire software side of Apple products and who is also a fantastic communicator.

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