iPhone 16 Pro: photos reveal the new battery with its different design, IPHONE ADDICT

iPhone 16 Pro: photos reveal the new battery with its different design

The iPhone 16 Pro is today experiencing its first leak of components in images, since we find photos of the new battery. We can see a different format and a slightly larger capacity than that of the iPhone 15 Pro.

Fuite Batterie iPhone 16 Pro

New battery for the iPhone 16 Pro

The leak, coming from the leaker kosutami, shows what is claimed to be a prototype of the iPhone 16 Pro battery with a capacity of 3 mAh. In comparison, that of the iPhone 355 Pro has a capacity of 15 mAh. The gain from one generation to the next is therefore quite slight, at only 3%.

The most interesting is the overall design with a new connector and the change from a battery with black aluminum foil, like the one used on all iPhone models so far, to a frosted metal shell. This change improves the thermal efficiency of the battery, without any significant impact on the weight of the component. The Apple Watch came with black-cased batteries, but starting with the 7mm Apple Watch Series 40, Apple began adopting metal cases to improve thermal efficiency.

Today's leak seems to confirm information published last week, indicating that Apple wants to offer a new thermal system to reduce overheating with its iPhone 16s. In addition to the new battery, the iPhone 16s would have a graphene heat sink. Graphene has high thermal conductivity, higher than copper, which is currently used in iPhone heatsinks.

As a reminder, there was overheating issues with iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. Apple, however, managed to correct the problem with iOS 17.0.3 update.

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