Saint-Georges-des-Groseillers school: old equipment sent to a school in Cameroon

Saint-Georges-des-Groseillers school: old equipment sent to a school in Cameroon

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Gwendoline Letendart, Elisabeth Montembaux, Anne-Sophie Nobis et Stéphane Terrier, le maire.
Gwendoline Letendart, Elisabeth Montembaux, Anne-Sophie Nobis and Stéphane Terrier, the mayor. ©L’Orne Combattante

Between the tears and the bursts of laughter, each with a schoolbag or a backpack or a schoolbag on wheels, each child finds the school path de Saint-Georges-des-Groseillers (Orne) while heading towards her class, accompanied by parents.

It was back to school at the beginning of September for the 205 students of theVergers school.

It was also for Anne-Sophie Nobis, director, Elisabeth Montembaux, deputy director, and the teachers of the ten classes composed of 20 and 22 students this year.

Gwendoline Letendart, as part of helping children with disabilities (AESH), supports three students throughout the year (one in middle section, one in CM 1 class and one in CM 2).

80 ergonomic tables

Developments, work and storage were carried out this summer by the municipality within the school and the old town hall.

All ergonomic tables were replaced, the renovation of the kindergarten class changing rooms was carried out as well as numerous small maintenance works, for the well-being of the children welcomed at the Vergers school.

I am very satisfied with the recovery compared to the work done during the holidays, everything was ready for the start of the school year

Stéphane Terrier, mayor of Saint-Georges

The 80 replaced ergonomic tables were handed over to Thalance Malonga, ofassociation for the development of Balamba (a Cameroonian village), as well as numerous books and old magazines from the bookstore of the old town hall.

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A school with the Generation 2024 label

We are very happy at Saint-Georges that the equipment and books can have a second life. Children in Balamba will be able to enjoy it.

Stéphane Terrier

Once all the items were gathered, the load was able to leave on 30 August to Cameroon, through the association for the development of Balamba.

The arrival of transport by boat requires a month of travel.

The donation will be received by the president of the association, Thierry Bessile, from Balamba, and given to the mayor of the municipality for the students of the school.

The Vergers school has the particularity of being a school Generation 2024 This year.

The particularity of this device is that it can access many fun projects for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. A lot of work is planned in the coming months.

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