MUSIC: the release of the new clip of Mr BIKIM – LA WIN (The win) moves the web

From his album UNBREAKABLE still available here 👉 Mr BIKIM offers us THE WIN which simply means THE WIN . It is a title of motivation and self-confidence, an aude to those who never give up in the face of difficulties in order to take the crown. Excellent for letting off steam in sporting environments, or for celebrating your victory.



Mr Bikim is a French artist of Cameroonian origin (As Francis Ngannou who comes from this country located in the heart of Africa) who in the 90s, discovered the Hip Hop culture. Shabba Ranks, Chaka Demus, Mc Solaar, and other international artists were his references at the time. He begins by rapping, alone, then at 17, decides to create his group with young people from his neighborhood. “Dirane Posse”.

Mr BikimAfter a few years of concerts, live stages, tv shows, he performs in several festivals, shows and showcases around the world. In 2005, he released his first single “FIRE”, title with dancehall sounds then a maxi single "BURN", a very danceable and festive title. In 2012, Mr. Bikim released a first album of 10 tracks “WE CAN CHANGE ALL THAT”. In 2013 he collaborated with his former group on the EP " IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD " which describes the daily living conditions of young people in the suburbs.

In 2015, he released the Afro-Latino title which made him known to the general public " YOU MAKE ME HOT ", and led him to be a finalist in the NRJ Hit Talent competition. Driven by this momentum, Mr Bikim chain the singles: "DAMAGE", "ATTACK ATTACK", “BENGUE NI”. The one now affectionately called LE DARON immediately created his own label: NowYouKnow Prod. So come out under the latter his titles “FATAL GIRL”, “SO SO WAKA”, " IT'S HER " et “CHOKO”.

Today Steve Mandeng Aka Mr Bikim invites us to savor LA WIN

Musique : la sortie officielle du nouveau clip de Mr BIKIM fait bouger la toile


To Teles-relay, article signed by Alain TEMFACK