Interior decoration and inspirations in the African style 

Interior decoration and inspirations in the African style 

Le Africa, with its colors linked to unspoiled nature (the endless deserts, the charm of the savannah and its animals) and its exotic patterns, is a source of inspiration inexhaustible in many areas, including that of interior decoration.

In recent years, the african inspired design won in importance among the trends and the interior design styles, adapting to the increasingly widespread desire to create living environments that are inspired by objects and places far away and foreign to our country and our culture.

For the e-commerce furniture sector, it is a question of following new trends and promoting this touch of exoticism of the African style which is attracting more and more people. Among the most popular are which owes its popularity to quality of materials used for making furniture and design appreciated by fans of this style. In the foreground, proposals for furniture for living room and dining room with meubles which give a touch of exoticism to rooms in the house.

Typical elements of the African style

The bases from which to interpret the African inspiration are colors who help us reproduce the warm atmospheres of this continent and the materials which recall the link with the earth.

La color pallet ideal for creating a room that reflects this style is composed of warm tones which harmonize well with the materials of the furnishings. The colors to play with and experiment with combinations are ocher, beige et Brown, perfect for a decor of african colonial style as well as more intense tones ranging from dark green au dark red with an emphasis on yellow and orange for style closer of tribal africa.

materials and fabrics must be strictly natural. THE main materials used for living room furniture (coffee tables, partitions, armchairs) are wood, bamboo et rattan. THE main fabrics are the cotton, burlap et flax in their traditional colors.

Décoration d'intérieur et inspirations dans le style africain
Interior decoration and inspirations in the African style

Simple Home Decorating Tips

Our Guidelines to follow to bring in the magic of Africa in your maison are simple and few. First of all, it is advisable to favor the soft and natural shapes, avoiding lines that are too rigid or symmetrical for the furniture and the decorative objects. THE wooden handicrafts such as spirals or designs inspired by flora and fauna are perfect for achieving this.

Once the furniture has been arranged, it is necessary to move on to the accessoiries and fabrics, both very useful to enrich the parts with style. Photographs, paintings representing landscapes and sunsets, wooden masks et trinkets in the shape of animals of the savannah are all small details that will help create the desired African atmosphere. For tissues, the watchword is to play by mixing animal motifs such as zebra, leopard or tiger.

The final touch is a wooden lantern placed on a solid wood coffee table to give the room a warm and welcoming light like a desert sunset.

Scents of Africa in your maison

If you like spices et the scents from Africa, don't just use them in your kitchen, but scent your home with incense sticks, candles et stick diffusers.

Cannelle, cumin, pepper, vanilla, pepper, Ginger, coffee and hibiscus, the flavors are many and varied. Perfect scents to place in the entrance hall where you welcome your guests or in the living room to create an even more relaxing atmosphere.