Racist Violence Lyon: the Chilling Account of the Victims


Racist Violence Lyon: the Chilling Account of the Victims

Seven individuals were tried before the Lyon Criminal Court for their participation in collective violence of a racist nature that occurred in July 2019, following Algeria's victory in the final of the African Cup of Nations (CAN) football.

Des supporteurs célèbrent la victoire de l’Algérie en finale de la Coupe d’Afrique des nations, à Lyon, le 19 juillet 2019.

The victims testify

Victims have shared chilling accounts of that night. Among them, Afelle, who was targeted while celebrating the victory in her car with two friends, and Linda, who was attacked with her three children in the car.

A carefully planned attack

The victims are convinced that the attack was carefully prepared by the ultra-right group. Afelle testifies to having seen about thirty individuals "armed with iron bars", and the attack has profoundly affected his daily life.

Violences racistes : 7 membres présumés de l'ultradroite jugés à Lyon

Racist Violence Lyon The victims' response

Despite the horror of the attack, the victims showed an unwavering determination not to be intimidated. Linda said, “You chose the wrong North African! I'm not going to deny my origins because these gentlemen have decided that they are more French than me. »

Waiting for justice

The trial continues as the victims await justice for this terrible night of racist violence in Lyon.