"Michel Pialle confesses: dark details in the disappearance of Karine Esquivillon"

"Michel Pialle confesses: dark details in the disappearance of Karine Esquivillon"

"The business of the disappearance of Karine Esquivillon took a dark turn when Michel Pialle confessed to killing his wife. According to his statements, the murder was accidental, occurring while cleaning his weapon. Investigators, faced with inconsistencies in Michel Pialle's statements, are now looking into the veracity of these confessions. »

Une voiture de police stationnée devant le domicile de Michel Pialle, le 14 juin 2023. (J?R?ME FOUQUET / MAXPPP)

Michel Pialle: Disconcerting confessions

Michel Pialle, while in police custody, confessed to having killed his wife Karine Esquivillon. Claiming the fatal shot was accidental while he was cleaning his gun, investigators are checking the credibility of his confession.

Michel Pialle and the revelations of the investigation

The investigators noted inconsistencies in the statements of Michel Pialle. The telephone data in particular made it possible to confuse him. The suspect's lawyer would have played a crucial role in Michel Pialle's confession, making him understand that he was cornered.

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Michel Pialle and the discovery of Karine's body

Less than three hours after these confessions, Karine's body was found. Michel Pialle led the investigators to a wood near the family home. The body was not buried and an autopsy is planned to confirm or invalidate Michel Pialle's statements.

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Thanks to the confessions of Michel Pialle, the body of Karine Esquivillon was found near the family home. The man, by stating that the murder was accidental, raised many questions. An autopsy is planned to elucidate the circumstances of Karine's death. The case, far from being resolved, continues to raise serious questions.