Macron-MBS Meeting: A Political Luncheon Amid Controversy

Macron-MBS meeting: A Political Luncheon Amid Controversy

The Macron-MBS Meeting, a one-on-one between the French president and the Saudi crown prince, stirs controversy while addressing key international issues.

Macron-MBS Meeting: A Renewed Controversy

The second visit of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, nicknamed MBS, to Paris in less than a year is a source of controversy. Accused of the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in 2018, MBS is strongly criticized by human rights defenders and left-wing French politicians.

A l'Elysée, la longue poignée de mains entre Emmanuel Macron et Mohammed Ben Salmane, au cœur d'une rencontre controversée

Macron-MBS meeting: Priority to Ukraine

Ukraine is at the center of the Macron-MBS Meeting, Emmanuel Macron seeking to rally emerging countries to condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The French president will underline the importance of this subject and the role that Saudi Arabia can play in influencing Russia.

En dînant avec Emmanuel Macron, Mohammed ben Salmane met sa « réhabilitation progressive » au menu

Macron-MBS meeting: Influence in the Middle East

The Macron-MBS Meeting is also crucial for France's presence in the Middle East. France, an ally of the Gulf monarchies while maintaining ties with Iran, is seeking to regain its place on the Middle Eastern scene. The situation in Lebanon and Iran will be among the topics discussed.

In conclusion, although the Macron-MBS Meeting is surrounded by controversy, it is an important event for the orientation of international policies on subjects such as Ukraine, Lebanon and Iran. Despite the criticism, this head-to-head could have significant implications for the future of these crises.