UN reveals record displacement: 110 million people

The UN reveals a record displacement:110 million people

record number of 110 million displaced people worldwide

An alarming peak

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The world now has 110 million people who have been forced to flee their homes, a number never reached before, according to the UN.

A harsh commentary on the state of the world

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Filippo Grandi, head of UNHCR, called the growing number of displaced people "an indictment of the state of our world".

Global migration policies

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Despite recent progress in EU migration policy, Grandi stresses that the door must remain open to asylum seekers worldwide.

The total number of forcibly displaced people worldwide has reached a new record of 110 million, according to a UN report. This increase, of 19,1 million from the end of 2021, is partly due to recent fighting in Sudan, as well as older crises like Russia's 2022 invasion of Ukraine and the crisis humanitarian aid in Afghanistan. Filippo Grandi, head of UNHCR, highlights the impact of conflict, persecution, discrimination and violence on this growing number, adding the effect of climate change.

The High Commissioner also denounces an increasingly hostile environment for refugees and calls for better management of migratory flows, while emphasizing that seeking asylum is not a crime. Grandi also welcomes recent attempts to reform the European Union's migration policy, which provides for solidarity between member states in the care of refugees and an accelerated examination of asylum applications.

The countries hosting the most refugees are Turkey (3,6 million), Iran (3,4 million), Colombia (2,5 million), Germany (2,1 million) and Pakistan ( 1,7 million).