“Airbus plans to double the global air fleet by 2042”


Airbus plans to double the global airline fleet by 2042

An increasingly crowded sky

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Contrary to the recommendations of climate specialists, air travel should double in the next 20 years according to Airbus. This doubling is due to the increase in air traffic and the replacement of planes by devices that emit less CO².

Commitment to carbon neutrality

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The aeronautics sector is committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. This notably implies the use of more fuel-efficient aircraft, and therefore less CO² emitters.

The Airbus projection

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Airbus foresees a need for 40 new aircraft passengers and cargo by 2042, bringing the global fleet to 46 aircraft, compared to 560 at the start of 22. This projection is based on a multitude of scenarios and factors such as energy prices.