"The Polytechnic School of Douala creates a car: A first in Cameroon"


THEPolytechnic university of Douala creates a car: A first in Cameroon

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First realization of a car by a Cameroonian university

The first car designed and manufactured in a Cameroonian university was presented to the public this Wednesday, June 07, 2023. The Polytechnic School of Douala, under the leadership of Professor Mouangue Ruben, has accomplished this technological feat.

Cameroon Academy of Young Scientists' Founding member made pioneer Director  of the National Higher Polytechnic School of Douala Cameroon. - Cameroon  Academy Of Young Scientists

THEPolytechnic university from Douala

The National Polytechnic School of Douala is a higher education institution focused on science, technology and professionalization. It is affiliated with the University of Douala and is dedicated to training engineers and senior managers.

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Innovative student projects

In addition to its academic mission, the school encourages innovation among its students. It organizes many activities and events aimed at developing the potential of its students through various innovative projects, including the manufacture of this car.