Domestic violence in Grau-du-Roi: 1 dog intervenes in defense of the victim


Domestic violence in Grau-du-Roi (in France): A dog intervenes in defense of the victim

Le Grau-du-Roi, a small town in the Gard, was the scene of an event that was surprising to say the least. A vacation that turned into a nightmare for a woman victim of domestic violence, until the unexpected intervention of his dog changes the situation.

1. A holiday gone wrong

Violences conjugales au Grau-du-Roi (en France) Un chien intervient en défense de la victime
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These holidays were to be a moment of relaxation for this couple from Belfort. However, they took a dramatic turn when the 44-year-old man engaged in domestic violence. As soon as he arrived at a campsite in Grau-du-Roi, he indulged in excessive alcohol consumption. “You drink all day and then you hit Madame,” summarizes the president of the court, Jean-Michel Pérez.

2. A repeat offender in court

The man in question is not unknown to the judicial services. He has 5 convictions to his credit, some of them for alcohol-related problems. The file was judged in immediate appearance, in a state of legal recidivism for violence against his girlfriend. "Daily humiliations and reducing Madame to a state of affairs", deplores the victim's lawyer, master Florence De Prato.

3. The prosecutor's appeal for protection

 “Unfortunately, domestic violence does not take a vacation,” recalls the deputy prosecutor. "We must punish but also protect," he adds. The magistrate of the Nîmes public prosecutor's office requested a sentence of 24 months, 12 of which were suspended on probation for two years.

4. The heroic intervention of a dog

Angleterre : une femme enceinte sauvée par son chien - Magicmaman.comDuring these holidays in Grau-du-Roi and the two scenes of violence on May 8 and 12, the couple's dog intervened in defense of his mistress during an attack. He bit the companion in the stomach to make him let go.

5. The court's verdict

The court decided to go beyond the requisitions by inflicting 3 years including two in prison against the violent companion. “This man I defend is aware of the seriousness of the acts and deeply regrets what he made his partner endure”, underlined the defense lawyer, master Alexandre Barakat.

The fight against domestic violence is a priority for law enforcement and justice. This case highlights the importance of vigilance and intervention, however unexpected, to put an end to these dramatic situations.