Shooting in Mexico: 6 dead, including 3 minors, during a family football match

Shooting in Mexico

An shooting erupted Sunday night during a family soccer game in Atotonilco de Tula, a town in Hidalgo state, Mexico. The attack killed 6 people, including three children and teenagers, and left two others injured.


Shooting in Mexico: Drunken assailants open fire on the crowd

According to witnesses, several armed and apparently drunk men opened fire on the assistance, creating a general panic before fleeing. Two people were killed on the ground, while four others succumbed to their injuries in hospital.

A persistent climate of violence

The state of Hidalgo, located less than one hundred kilometers from Mexico City, is known for the presence of several criminal gangs. These groups are often involved in theft and fuel trafficking activities. The police have opened an investigation to determine the motive for this killing.

Two police officers were injured in an exchange of fire with one of the suspects, who was killed at the scene. The authorities report several civilian casualties, including at least three dead.


ARCHIVES - Des agents de police en attente lors d'une prière à la suite du meurtre de quatre musulmans à Albuquerque, Nouveau-Mexique, États-Unis, le 12 août 2022.

A call to action

Local and national authorities are called upon to take firm measures to prevent such incidents in the future. Insecurity and criminal violence remain major problems in Mexico, despite efforts to strengthen security measures.


This tragedy highlights the urgent need to address the problem of gun violence in Mexico. As families mourn their loved ones and the community tries to recover from this shock, the hope is that this incident can lead to meaningful change.