US Patriot hit in Russian strikes in Ukraine: What's happening on the ground? »

 U.S. Patriot hit in Russian strikes in Ukraine: What's happening on the ground? »

1. Russian missile strikes damage US Patriot missile defense system

Explainer: What is the Patriot missile defense system? | Reuters

US officials have revealed that the salvo of Russian missiles launched at once on Tuesday morning likely caused damage to the US Patriot missile defense system used by Ukraine. This system is considered one of the most sophisticated in the world, designed to deal with a combination of aircraft, cruise missiles and ballistic missiles. Discussions are ongoing between Washington and kyiv to determine the best way to fix the system without removing it from Ukraine.

2. Russia claims to have destroyed a system of US missile defense

Guerre en Ukraine : ce que l'on sait des missiles hypersoniques utilisés  pour la première fois par la Russie

Hours before the damage to the Patriot system was announced, Russia claimed to have destroyed a US-built surface-to-air missile defense system with a "hypersonic" Kinzhal missile. Russian President Vladimir Putin previously threatened to "destroy" Patriot missile defense systems supplied by the West to Ukraine.

3. Ukrainian forces regain territory

Guerre en Ukraine : les forces ukrainiennes ont reçu l'ordre de se retirer  de Severodonetsk -

On the battlefield front, Ukrainian forces have retaken about 20 km2 of territory from Russia around the eastern city of Bakhmut in recent days, kyiv said.

4. Ukraine shoots down several 'unstoppable' Russian missiles

Kiev dit avoir abattu 18 missiles dont 6 Kinjal - YouTube

Ukraine has claimed to have shot down a volley of Russian hypersonic missiles in an attack of "exceptional density" against the capital kyiv. If confirmed, it would be a demonstration of the effectiveness of Western air defenses recently deployed in Kyiv to counter some of Russia's most advanced weaponry.

5. Impact of Defense Systems Provided by the West


Ukraine's claims show the potential impact of defense systems provided by the West. President Vladimir Putin previously said the Kinzhal missile would be able to "overcome all existing and...potential air and missile defense systems"

However, Ukraine claims to have intercepted six Kinzhal missiles during an early morning assault. Videos show air defenses destroying targets above the capital, where Moscow forces have also launched cruise missiles and suicide drones. This development could mean a significant change in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

the situation in Ukraine remains complex and volatile. American Patriot missile defense systems play a crucial role in helping Ukraine resist the Russian offensive. However, with the constant threat of Russian hypersonic Kinzhal missiles and other sophisticated weapons, the conflict is far from resolved. The next few weeks and months will be crucial in determining the outcome of this conflict and the future of Ukraine.