US unveils nuclear arsenal, urges Russia to abide by nuclear disarmament treaty

Nuclear Disarmament Treaty: United States reveal their nuclear arsenal and urge Russia to respect the New Start treaty!

In an unprecedented gesture of transparency, the United States revealed, last Monday, the precise figures of its strategic arsenal of nuclear deterrence. Through this action, they seek to promote respect for the New Start nuclear disarmament treaty, at the same time encouraging Russia, which has suspended its participation, to follow their example.

1. Details of theUnited States nuclear arsenal

According to a US State Department statement dated March 1, the United States has deployed a total of 662 intercontinental ballistic missiles. This estimate includes missiles aboard submarines and bombers, all of which have 1.419 nuclear warheads and 800 launchers.

Les États-Unis dévoilent leur arsenal nucléaire et pressent la Russie à respecter le traité de désarmement nucléaire

2. Call for compliance with legal obligations by the Russia

In addition to unveiling its arsenal, the United States urged Russia to honor its legal obligations by rejoining the New Start agreement, stressing the importance of the stabilization, transparency and verification measures it provides.

The New Start treaty provides in particular for checks on both sides of the arsenals, which had been suspended by the Covid-19 epidemic. The administration of US President Joe Biden had tried to revive them, in vain.

Treaty New Start