“Eran Moas in Cameroon: Secret Israeli Businessman Makes Public Appearance”

“Eran Moas in Cameroon: Secret Israeli Businessman Makes Public Appearance”

Unknown to the Cameroonian general public, the Israeli businessman Eran Moas is a discreet face who knew how to blend into the landscape of Yaoundé military hospital the 13 last May.

1. A remarkable appearance

Despite the presence of half a dozen plainclothes guards, Eran Moas managed to go unnoticed during his visit to the military hospital. The event marked a rare public appearance by the businessman, who usually stays away from the spotlight.

Au Cameroun, apparition publique du très discret Eran Moas – Jeune Afrique

2. A mysterious businessman

Eran Moas, who made his fortune in the pharmaceutical industry, is known for his discretion. Despite his media invisibility, he is very active in the country, participating in several humanitarian projects including the construction of hospitals and child care centers.

Eran Moas — Ape Action Africa

3. A humanitarian commitment

Despite his status as an elusive man, Moas is deeply committed to humanitarianism. He has dedicated a large part of his fortune to helping those most in need and continues to support important humanitarian projects in several African countries, including Cameroon.


4. A positive impact on local communities

Eran Moas' initiatives have a significant impact on local communities. They testify to the important role that businesses can play in the social and economic development of African countries.


5. An unofficial key role

Although his name does not appear in any official military organization chart, Eran Moas is known as a key player in an Israeli-trained military unit tasked with protecting the president and those close to him. His network of contacts is vast and influential.


Despite his desire for discretion, Eran Moas' imprint on Cameroon is undeniable. His reputation as an elusive man contrasts with his deep humanitarian commitment, testifying to the positive impact that business can have on the development of African countries.